Barefoot Voyeur - The Foot Fetish Comic

Themes : Foot Fetish, Soles, Sleeping, Voyeur
Starring : ToeGirl, Toenut
Format : Full-colour, Magazine-size
Length : 20 Pages (including covers & bonus), 67 Panels
For Mature Audiences Only

Welcome to Barefoot Voyeur, the foot fetish comic feeturing ToeGirl, Toenut and their adventures with foot fetish.

If you haven't heard of her yet, ToeGirl is a foot fetish girl who's talented toes have been pleasing Toenut for years. They have been recording their foot fun on video for others to enjoy. Barefoot Voyeur tells the tales of the origins of those videos.

Whether you are a fan of ToeGirl's foot fetish videos, or if you just love girl's feet, this comic will satisfy your craving.

Barefoot Voyeur - Sneaky Sleepy Soles is a foot fetish comic made by foot enthusiasts for those who love feet.

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Barefoot Voyeur is based on the foot fetish adventures of ToeGirl & and Toenut. Take a look at ToeGirl's Foot Fetish Blog to see what they have been up toe ;)
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Foot Fetish Footjob Footgirl Blog

ToeGirl & Toenut have LOTS of Foot Fetish Clips and Pics. Tiptoe over to and see their foot fetish fun!


Foot Fetish Media Network

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Available for purchase now!
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